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Posted on April 20th 2018

Recycle Eletronic Waste - Computer Repair Franchise

A cracked screen or a less than reliable battery: any number of tech troubles can convince mobile phone and computer users to ditch their wares in exchange for a new device. Experimac— a unique franchising concept that specializes in the…

Posted on March 8th 2018

If you have started looking into investing in a franchise opportunity, you probably have several questions. Chief among them is “How do I find the right franchise for me?” This is a common question that doesn’t have just one answer,…

Posted on March 1st 2018

Experimac started in a garage in West Palm Beach, Florida and quickly grew into a leading technology franchise. We are excited to bring this franchise opportunity to people who are ready to own their own businesses and work within our…

Posted on February 22nd 2018

If you’re thinking about opening a cell phone repair franchise, a key thing to consider is the service you will give your customers. Consumers don’t just expect good service: they expect outstanding service every time, and even little things can…

Posted on February 16th 2018

franchise support

Investing in an Experimac franchise comes with a variety of unique benefits; chief among them is the franchise support that we give all our franchisees starting on day one. From the moment you sign your franchise agreement and throughout the…

Posted on January 9th 2018

computer repair business experimac

Opening a new computer repair business can be complicated. There are so many factors to consider. Building a strong reputation, recruiting skilled employees, and running your business efficiently are just a few of the considerations new business owners must address….