The Apple® 6s is the hottest-selling smartphone in history. At last count, Apple boasted two of the top three best-selling smartphones globally, according to research aggregated by Forbes.

Considering the fact that the iPhone® 6s and iPhone 6 were two of the three bestsellers, the bar was set extremely high for the release of the iPhone 7. The iPhone 6s has sold remarkably well around the world, so the market for the new iPhone proved very ripe.

The iPhone 6s continues to be popular around the world because of its accessible and intuitive hardware design coupled with its ample multitouch display. With all of the fresh features promised from the iPhone 7, the hype was understandable.

An Annual Retrospective on the Smartphone Industry

The most hotly anticipated product in the smartphone industry this year was clearly the iPhone 7. The latest iPhone is always the model on which other smartphones are judged.

The new iPhone 7 upped the ante this year by offering a more advanced camera system, the longest battery life in iPhone history, and splash and water resistance to help customers retain their original investment.

The really exciting thing for Apple iPhone enthusiasts is that 2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of the original iPhone, which means even greater improvements are just down the pike.

Some (the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, etc.) have even started to speculate that the iPhone 8 will dedicate the entire front portion to one large screen—but that’s getting ahead of the main story.

iPhone 7 Attuned to Consumer Tendencies

Apple was also clearly attuned to the latest statistics on how consumers use their smartphones when it overhauled the best-selling iPhone ever (the iPhone 6s) and introduced the iPhone 7 in September 2016.

Over three-fourths of millennials use their smartphones for more than two hours per day, and 87% of that same demographic admitted (perhaps reluctantly) that their smartphone never leaves their side.

On top of that, 2016 saw more customers completely dependent on their iPhones. This means that customers used their iPhones for general Internet purposes—everything from conducting work to checking their email—and for post-work entertainment. These customers may not have had in-home Internet.

The new iPhone 7 that came out in September features immersive stereo speakers and the most vibrantly colored screen in Apple iPhone history.

All this shows that Apple understands that consumers are using their phones for watching their favorite shows, checking out the latest music and downloading songs into their iTunes library, and scrolling through breaking news stories online.

Experimac Locations Happily Enjoyed Holiday Surges

Do you know what the Apple iPhone and the Harry Potter series have in common? Hint: It’s something to do with remarkable sales.

In 2016, Apple sold its one billionth Apple iPhone, which makes it the hottest-selling non-consumable product of all time. The Harry Potter series of books is considered, by certain estimates, to be runner-up in that contest with 450 million book sales worldwide to date.

The new iPhone 7, iPad Pro, first and second series of the Apple Watch, and Apple AirPods were all hits last year, and Apple’s reliable legion of followers is even more excited about changes coming in 2017.

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