Experimax makes starting a cell phone repair business easy. Since we’ve been in business, we’ve learned a thing or two about the industry, best practices for operations, and how to execute a strong business model. 

You’ve decided to become a cell phone repair business franchisee – Congratulations! It’s a great market to be in; according to IBISWorld, the cell phone repair industry has expanded to over $3.9B thanks to the popularity of smartphones.

Many entrepreneurs will tell you that a lot goes into franchising: finding a location, hiring staff, managing finances, and day-to-day operations. While your day might not look exactly like this due to your level of operational involvement, here’s an idea of what you can expect.

Before You Open Up Shop

There’s a lot to do before your grand opening! After the paperwork is complete and the franchise agreement is signed, you’ll work to communicate with your franchisor and participate in training programs. 

From there, you’ll most likely pick out a perfect site for your cell phone repair business (or work with our experts) and get to work. You might have to make some renovations, which involves hiring a contractor, supervising workers, and securing permits – don’t worry, we’re here for you there, too. 

The First Few Days

Initially, you’ll spend your time doing a little bit of everything at your cell phone repair business. You’ll spend your early days stocking your shop with products, marketing your grand opening, hiring and managing staff, managing inventory, on top of other daily tasks.  

Day-to-Day Operations

As time goes on, the day-to-day operations will become easier. Your staff will help get your store up and running smoothly each day. Daily tasks for franchisees include working on promotional strategies, ordering inventory, and managing finances. Franchisees keep an eye on sales, and with the help of a franchisor, you’ll have the training and proprietary software to make the process easier. 

The days will be long, and the work, hard: but the benefits of becoming your very own boss and the freedom that comes with it can be worthwhile. 

Traits of a Good Franchisee

As an Experimax franchisee, you’ll not only be involved in the business, but you’ll also have to make a lot of calls. Be prepared to answer questions to keep things running smoothly, like what time you’ll open, how many employees you’ll hire, and what happens when things go wrong. It can’t hurt to think ahead and have a plan in place. 

Being organized is a great trait of a franchisee. You’ll find that organizational skills and consistency come in handy with administrative work, emails, ordering supplies, and filling out paperwork. 

You’ll need to be patient as you bring employees and managers up to speed. You have the power to inspire those around you to make your business the best it can be. 

Good people skills are a must – franchise owners are the face of the business. If your personable and enthusiastic, these are the traits of a good leader and owner and what will ultimately help you retain your employees and keep your customers coming back. 

Transparency helps build trust; you want to be evenhanded and honest about being a franchisee. You don’t want to exaggerate or overpromise in a false light.

There’s never been a better time to partner with our team at Experimax and learn more about starting a cell phone repair business. Contact us today to get started!