Owning a computer repair franchise is a great way to be your own boss or simply expand your investment portfolio. Getting started is even easier than you might think when you partner with Experimax. We’ll walk you through the process of:

  • Learning about the investment
  • Opening your new store
  • Operating and owning a computer repair franchise in the long run

Here, we’ll break down a few of the major steps in the process.

Step 1: Contact Us

Once you’ve read through the preliminary investment information on our website, contact us for more details. We’ll provide you with further information on what it takes to invest and how we support our franchisees. If it seems like we’d be a good match, we’ll send you a copy of our franchise disclosure document (FDD) to review. There, you’ll find all the details about the investment. 

Step 2: Reading the Fine Print

The FDD spells out virtually everything you need to know about owning a computer repair franchise with Experimax. Take some time to review it, with an attorney if necessary. While you’re working on this, we’ll review your background and get to know more about your qualifications. 

Step 3: Getting to Know Our Team

Before you make any final decisions about owning a computer repair franchise, we’ll want you to get to know our team. We’ll introduce you to some of the people you’d be working with to set up your new franchise so you can get to know them and our company culture.

By the end of this step, we should all have a good understanding that we’re ready to move forward in the process. If we’d be a good fit, it’s time to start making things official.

Step 4: Signing Your Franchise Agreement

You’ll be presented with a franchise agreement. Signing it indicates that you agree with the terms outlined in the FDD and that you’re ready to become a franchisee. Your initial franchise fee will be due at the time you sign. Once this is done, congratulations! Now we can get started on opening your store!

Step 5: Preparing to Own a Computer Repair Franchise

We’ll walk you through the steps of getting your new restaurant up and running. We’ll provide you with comprehensive initial training on our business model and operations procedures. We’ll even work with you throughout the process of finding a location and preparing for your grand opening!

Step 6: Grand Opening and Beyond

We’ll work closely with you throughout your grand opening to help you apply what you learned in training and keep things running smoothly. We’ll even help you develop a targeted marketing campaign to generate a buzz around your new business! Once the grand opening has ended, we’ll continue to support you as your business grows.

Want to learn more about what’s involved in opening a new Experimax franchise? Contact us today!