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A Growing Industry: Why Now Is the Time to Invest

picking up a smartphone with a shattered screen
If you’re looking to break into the computer repair industry, congratulations: you’ve identified an exciting opportunity and picked a great time to act. Many people already know that starting a computer or phone repair business is a great way to go to work for themselves, but they lack the experience to invest confidently. Don’t let[...]
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Why Choose Experimax? 3 Reasons Why We Are a Great Fit

Computer Repair Industry Experimax Franchise
The computer repair industry is thriving as more and more people rely on technology to support their personal and professional lives. Experimax has made a name for ourselves as a trusted source for high-quality computer repair and replacement at a great price, and our franchisees regard us as an expert industry force dedicated to guiding[...]
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Experimax vs. Apple: Franchise Offers Convenient, Affordable and Reliable Repairs

It’s often said there’s more than one way to climb a mountain. For iPhone, iPad, and MacBook users, there’s more than one way to achieve convenient, affordable and reliable repairs. The Experimac® team of highly-skilled technicians have learned the inner workings of Apple® products, making them the premier option for customers seeking an alternative to[...]
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Why Take a Bite Out of the Apple® Repair Industry?

That’s a great question, and Experimac® is the simplest answer. Since Experimac got its start in 2014, the company has grown rapidly thanks to franchisees who recognized the strength of its business model and Apple’s dominance in the computer and mobile device industries. Fast Facts Apple® sold more than 77 million iPhones in the first[...]
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The FDD in a Pinch: Everything You Should Know

computer repair industry experimac
What is the FDD? The FDD is one of the most important documents involved in opening a franchise. The FDD outlines everything you should know about the company you’re about to partner with. Information on litigation, number of locations, profits and losses, and much more is included in the FDD. You’ll have at least two[...]
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Know the Franchising Terms and Become an Expert

technology franchise experimac
Opening your own technology franchise can be an exciting but exhausting experience. For one thing, the world of franchising is rife with jargon that can sometimes be hard to decipher for newcomers. In this guide, we’ll break down some of these terms so you can research franchises like an expert. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) The[...]
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