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Experimac vs. Apple: Franchise Offers Convenient, Affordable and Reliable Repairs

It’s often said there’s more than one way to climb a mountain. For iPhone, iPad, and MacBook users, there’s more than one way to achieve convenient, affordable and reliable repairs. The Experimac® team of highly-skilled technicians have learned the inner workings of Apple® products, making them the premier option for customers seeking an alternative to[...]
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Why Take a Bite Out of the Apple® Repair Industry?

That’s a great question, and Experimac® is the simplest answer. Since Experimac got its start in 2014, the company has grown rapidly thanks to franchisees who recognized the strength of its business model and Apple’s dominance in the computer and mobile device industries. Fast Facts Apple® sold more than 77 million iPhones in the first[...]
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How to Turn Curious Customers into Loyal Clients

News travels fast and that includes bad news, which is why poor customer service can harm a company’s brand and its bottom line. Consumer studies show its seven times more expensive to recruit a new customer than to keep a loyal one. That’s why a customer entering an Experimac® store receives quality customer service from[...]
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Tips to Find the Perfect Franchise Opportunity for You

If you have started looking into investing in a franchise opportunity, you probably have several questions. Chief among them is “How do I find the right franchise for me?” This is a common question that doesn’t have just one answer, because every prospective franchisee is different. To help you answer that question for yourself, we[...]
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5 Reasons to Franchise with Experimac

Experimac started in a garage in West Palm Beach, Florida and quickly grew into a leading technology franchise. We are excited to bring this franchise opportunity to people who are ready to own their own businesses and work within our proven system. There are a lot of reasons to join the Experimac brand as a[...]
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