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How to Turn Curious Customers into Loyal Clients

News travels fast and that includes bad news, which is why poor customer service can harm a company’s brand and its bottom line. Consumer studies show its seven times more expensive to recruit a new customer than to keep a loyal one. That’s why a customer entering an Experimac® store receives quality customer service from[...]
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Is it Broken or Cracked? How to Give Your Customers Excellent Service

If you’re thinking about opening a cell phone repair franchise, a key thing to consider is the service you will give your customers. Consumers don’t just expect good service: they expect outstanding service every time, and even little things can impact whether or not they return to your store. Providing excellent customer service is critical[...]
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A Focus on the Experimac Concept: What Makes it Special?

smart phone repair experimac
We’ve built Experimac into a strong force in the electronics industry. Part of the reason for our growth is how we’ve established Experimac as a one-stop-shop for all of our consumer’s needs. Whether they need a device repaired, are on the market for a new piece of technology, or have an old device to sell[...]
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Know the Franchising Terms and Become an Expert

technology franchise experimac
Opening your own technology franchise can be an exciting but exhausting experience. For one thing, the world of franchising is rife with jargon that can sometimes be hard to decipher for newcomers. In this guide, we’ll break down some of these terms so you can research franchises like an expert. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) The[...]
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Experience the Experimac Difference When You Invest in a Mobile Repair Franchise

experimac mobile repair franchise
If you’re thinking of opening your own mobile repair franchise, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Careful research is the most important thing you can do when deciding which franchise to invest in. When you choose to become an Experimac franchisee, we believe that the quality of our brand and the[...]
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3 Frequently Asked Questions About the Emerging Computer Franchise Market

experimac computer franchise
Are you thinking of opening your own computer franchise? If so, you probably have some questions about the tech industry. The electronics business is booming, and franchises like Experimac that deal in pre-owned devices have established a niche in the marketplace. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the industry. Just How Big is[...]
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