The next time you’re out to dinner with friends or at a casual work function, take a quick poll. Ask the group these questions:

  • How many of you rely on Apple products every day?
  • Would you consider buying a used Apple product?
  • Would you consider having an existing Apple product repaired, rather than replaced?

Chances are, you already know the answers to these questions. In the United States and around the world, Apple is such a part of our lives that we scarcely notice our dependence.

If you’re looking into available computer franchises for your next business opportunity, you’re considering tapping into a significant revenue stream at an opportune time. There has never been a more dominant presence than Apple in the electronics market. Here are a few of the opportunities that come with an Experimac franchise.

Experimac Computer Franchises Are a Leading Apple Reseller

Open a new browser window and take a quick look at the only two websites you need to substantiate our claim: eBay and Craigslist. Do a few searches for your favorite Apple products, and you’ll notice a few important things.

  • Apple products, even models several years old, even damaged models, even nonfunctioning damaged models, sell online for significant percentages of their original retail price.
  • Apple products retain their value over time largely because they retain their functionality over time. Do a quick search for iPhone models more than two generations old. Notice anything interesting? There are tons of them for sale online—and they still work! The lifespan of an Apple product is remarkable, which is one reason for Apple customers’ brand loyalty.

Apple Customers Are Loyal to Their Products

Of iPhone users, 59% admitted to “blind loyalty” to their iPhones in a recent Simonly poll, as reported by Forbes. Apple is in an enviable position because it has a consumer base unwilling to even consider competing products.

That loyalty is the basis for the Apple product repair market, a significant market for Experimac computer franchises. Apple users love their phones, their laptops, and their iPads. They want to repair them when a screen cracks or a home button stops functioning, and repairs at Experimac are inexpensive, reliable, and considerably less stressful than product replacement.

An Opportunity You Don’t Want to Miss!

The Experimac franchise offers some surprising opportunities—the ability to tap into a loyal consumer base and the resale market are only the tip of the Apple iceberg. Request more information and download our free franchise brochure for answers to some common questions and begin developing a roadmap to a business opportunity with untapped potential in a market with unlimited earning power.

Simplifying the Franchise Process