Experimax is a technology franchise unlike any other. In addition to sales, we offer trade-ins and repairs on a range of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones – all of which feed into the booming, $300 billion technology industry. If you’re looking for the perfect franchise opportunity, you’ll want to find one that leverages multiple revenue streams. These additional revenue streams can help your business attract more customers while strengthening it against economic ebbs and flows. Here, learn more about what Experimax has to offer.

A Cell Phone, Tablet, and Computer Sales Franchise

While we’re well known for our smartphone repairs, Experimax is also a great place to purchase high-quality, pre-owned devices. Customers often trade in their devices at our stores. Those are either broken down for parts or refurbished and put up for sale. People rely on technology more than ever in the wake of COVID-19, and these devices have become even more central to our lives than they were before. PC sales, in particular, are surging – sales grew 13% in the third quarter of 2020 – which is great news for Experimax franchisees.


Experimax is a popular destination for trade-ins because we accept many devices – even those that are a few years old. While our competitors often turn older devices away, we can use them in our repair services, as we mentioned above. Best of all, trade-ins bring customers into our stores, giving them the chance to discover why we’re among the leading technology franchises.


Our repair services truly set Experimax apart from the competition. Because we have a wide selection of parts on hand, we’re able to do most repairs right in our stores, so customers usually don’t need to wait days to get their devices back. Instead, they’re able to browse our store while we fix their phones, tablets, and computers.

There’s a huge demand for device repairs – smartphone repairs alone represent a $4 billion industry. People need their devices fixed quickly in order to stay connected with work, school, and their social lives.

Break Into the Industry on Your Terms with Flexible Location Requirements

As you can see, our versatile business model allows us to help many customers with various needs. Because our location requirements are so flexible, we can do all that in locations that are most convenient to them. A few examples of great Experimax locations include:

  • Freestanding stores. These stand-alone stores are often located in shopping centers and have plenty of space for merchandise. We work with franchisees to find locations that are highly visible and easy to access.
  • Mall stores. If there’s a popular shopping mall with lots of foot traffic in your area, it could be a great place to set up shop. Customers love being able to browse our devices while they’re on a regular shopping trip and enjoy the convenience of dropping their devices off for repairs while they mall walk.
  • Kiosks. These small locations are easy to open up in airports, outdoor spaces, college campuses – wherever there’s a demand for our services.

This flexibility allows you to break into the massive tech industry on your own terms.

As you can see, Experimax is one of the most versatile technology franchises around. Contact us today to learn more about breaking into the industry.