Unlike generations before them, recent college and high school graduates came of age with smartphones in their hands and laptops at their fingertips. They make a perfect pool of potential Experimac employees — knowledgeable staff members who could easily understand customers’ problems and needs.

Millennials, and members of the younger Generation Z, are entering the workforce at an alarming rate. While millennials are establishing their careers, Gen Zers are just now graduating high school and going to college. Both generations value their education immensely, and they’re better with technology than anyone in history. It’s no surprise, right? They grew up with it!

In 2011, Pew Research Center conducted a survey that let us know 35 percent of Americans owned a smartphone. Today, that number’s up to around 77 percent (and growing). Laptop owners make up 50 percent of the U.S. population. That’s hundreds of millions of people who need their phones and laptops fixed. That’s hundreds of millions of people who need refurbished Apple products. Who better to help these hundreds of millions of people than millennials and Generation Z?

While many millennials can remember a time without smartphones, Generation Z does not know of a time without the internet readily at hand. According to Forbes, 92 percent of Gen Zers have some sort of digital footprint. Both generations have a passion for technology. They know what they’re doing, and most importantly, they love any opportunity to flex their brain muscles. Young people love a challenge; they want to feel like they’re not just a part of something special, but that they’re contributing to it. Experimac is special. Anyone with a brain knows that.

If the goal is to attract “digital natives” to join the Experimac staff, meet them at their usual hangout spots: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Millennials building their careers, and their resumes, may also be networking on LinkedIn. Experimac owners may want to consider LinkedIn Recruiter as an easy tool to find tech-savvy job candidates. And there should be no shortage of applicants — why wouldn’t recent graduates want to work for a proven business in the $300 billion computer industry? If the word gets out about what Experimac is doing and how fast they’re growing, millennials will flock like they heard a Kardashian was involved.

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