Andy Troyk, who is now age thirty-five, use to be an independent network contractor, troubleshooting and repairing computer issues. But now he puts his focus into repairing, servicing, and selling pre-owned Apple products as a thriving franchise owner of Experimac in Waukesha County. In fact, Troyk brought this new business concept to the Brookfield community early last month.

“With a background in IT and respiratory therapy, I was looking for change and more opportunities to make my way in a booming industry,” Troyk said.

A Booming Industry Focused on Pre-Owned Apple Products

Troyk found the perfect opportunity to put his amazing computer tech-savvy skills as an entrepreneur to use by opening an Experimac franchise. Experimac capitalizes on a sustained demand for Apple products by providing customers with pre-owned, refurbished, and upgraded Apple products that include computers, laptops, cell phones, and tablets all at reduced prices. This franchise also provides low-cost repair, upgrade, and even installation services through qualified professionals.

This franchise is truly a booming industry. As a $300 billion industry, it only continues to grow as the years go by. Founded in 2009, Experimac is projected to add approximately one-hundred locations in 2016 and expand into fifteen to twenty countries within the next five years. Talk about serious growth!

The Decision for a Switch

One of the things that lured Troyk into the business was the prospect of being his own boss. “I’ve always wanted to own my own business and it felt like a good time,” Troyk said. “I’ve always loved technology and computers and this opportunity found me.”

Another factor that influenced Troyk’s decision to invest in an Experimac franchise was the market for cost-effective consumer solutions. “I was looking for a brand where I could sell a product I have a great interest in,” Troyk said.

Broad Range of Customers

The market for Experimac franchises is vast because more than fifty percent of American households own more than one Apple product, making this franchise a significant market for potential customers. Experimac provides something that consumers can’t find anywhere else: pre-owned Apple products offered at prices much lower than those directly from Apple or at big-box stores.

Troyk’s current Experimac location is in the Galleria West shopping center behind Kopp’s Custard off Bluemound Rd in Brookfield. He even services the area within a forty-five minute drive to the store. From day one that he opened the store, the community response to his business has been incredible.

“So far, the people that me and my staff of Apple specialists have spoken to have been receptive. And we’ve started to get some referrals from mobile phone stores,” he said.

Troyk has seen his franchise thrive and continue to gain more business as customers come to his store for cheaper pre-owned Apple products that are still high quality. For more information about Troyk’s story or to learn more about becoming a franchisee of Experimac, visit our website today!