The costs to open a computer repair franchise are straightforward and up-front when you partner with Experimax. We’ve accounted for just about everything you’ll need to invest in, greatly reducing the likelihood of unexpected costs and helping you make a strong plan. Here, we’ll break down a few key parts of the investment.

The Total Estimated Costs to Open a Computer Repair Franchise

You should expect to spend between $136K-$277K on your new Experimax franchise. This total will vary depending on factors like size and location. This total cost includes just about everything you’ll need to get started, including:

  • Your initial franchise fee
  • Travel and lodging costs to attend initial training
  • Inventory
  • Costs to build out your location
  • Initial marketing efforts
  • … and much more

Since we’ve been franchising for years, we’ve been able to account for just about all the costs to open a computer repair franchise. While independent owners often struggle to anticipate exactly what they’ll need, Experimax provides all our franchisees with a clear plan from the time they request a copy of our franchise disclosure document. 

Understanding the Franchise Fee

One of the most important costs to open a computer repair franchise is the one-time, initial franchise fee. Like all franchisors, Experimax assesses a franchise fee to offset some of the costs associated with your onboarding. In our case, the franchise fee is $49,500. 

Some investors wonder why they should bother opting to franchise when they could go it alone and avoid this fee, but the truth is, it provides you with so many benefits that in many cases it saves franchisees money. 

For one thing, it grants you access to our time-tested business model, so there’s no need to waste months (or years) figuring out the most efficient way to run your store. Our franchisees join us at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida for two weeks. During that time, they learn just about everything there is to know about running an Experimax franchise. Even if they go in with no prior industry experience, they leave with the confidence to hit the ground running.

Along these lines, our initial franchise fee allows you to use our well-established brand name – a major benefit as you work to develop a strong customer base. 

As you can see, the franchise fee is among the key costs to open a computer repair franchise.

What Does it Take to Get Started?

We’re looking for franchisees with around $50K in liquid assets. We’ve found that franchisees with this level of capital are best prepared to make the investment comfortably. We welcome franchisees to seek third-party financing – SBA loans are an especially popular choice. The best way to learn more about the requirements for franchisees is to contact us directly – we’ll be happy to share all the details. 

Want to learn more about the costs to open a computer repair franchise? Contact Experimax today!