The smartphone and computer repair industry, like many industries, has been impacted by COVID-19. The long-term impact of the pandemic will likely be felt throughout 2021 and beyond. However, many electronic repair businesses have stayed very busy throughout the pandemic as people have become even more dependent on their devices, and computer sales have soared. Here, learn how these factors have made ours one of the more resilient industries to invest in today. 

Increased Reliance on Technology

The pandemic has made all of us more reliant on technology, especially computers and smartphones. They’ve allowed us to stay in touch with our friends and families in lieu of in-person visits, helped us do our jobs remotely, and enabled us to stay in school. When looking back to pre-pandemic times, a broken device was considered a terrible inconvenience. During the pandemic, however, a broken device could temporarily shut down your life. 

That’s why, even when many businesses were forced to close due to safety regulations, computer repair industry businesses were typically considered essential and allowed to continue operating.

Experimax has been a valuable resource to people who have dealt with broken devices during the pandemic. We’re able to repair most devices right in-store while customers wait and can make fixes on-site that our competitors often need to send out. When devices need replacing, we offer a wide selection of pre-owned devices for purchase.

Computer Sales are Soaring

Unlike many computer repair industry businesses, Experimax also offers trade-ins and device sales. These multiple revenue streams allow us to leverage several industry trends, and PC sales are another key trend during the pandemic. 

PC sales broke a 10-year record in 2021, with nearly 80 million units sold and a 12.7% increase in sales. Laptops, in particular, drove that growth with 64 million units shipped during the third quarter of 2020. This trend makes sense when you consider how so many people have needed to rely on their devices more, so they prefer devices that are of high-quality and efficiency.  

Experimax allows our customers to find great laptops, smartphones, and tablets at competitive prices. Our customers love knowing that they can purchase their device from us, return for repairs as needed, and ultimately trade it in when they’re ready for an upgrade.  

Now is a Great Time to Invest

When industries can survive, and even thrive, during economic slowdowns, that’s a good indication that their model is recession-resistant. Don’t get us wrong – COVID-19 has brought many challenges, but it’s also brought us new opportunities. If you’re looking to start a new business, the computer repair industry could be right for you!

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