The $4 billion cell phone repair industry grew steadily from 2014-2019, as more and more people began to rely on these devices every day. The projection is for the industry to continue growing as we continue to utilize smartphones in our personal and business lives. There are countless ways to break a smartphone, from getting it wet to dropping it on the ground. Thankfully, in most cases, devices can be repaired rather than replaced – giving rise to businesses like Experimax. As the industry has grown, so has our brand. Since our beginnings in 2009, there are more than 100 Experimax locations open or in development worldwide! Learn how cell phone repair industry trends are impacting that growth.

Growth Projected Well into the Future 

While some outlets report that the industry isn’t likely to grow at the same levels it achieved pre-2020, experts have observed many trends that indicate businesses like Experimax are likely to continue seeing strong demand. While it’s true that many smartphones are more durable than they once were, these phones come at a higher price point and are inaccessible to many consumers.

Furthermore, while it’s true that smartphone manufacturers offer warranties, these can often be complicated and involve shipping phones off to be repaired off-site – leaving customers without their device for days or even weeks!

Experimax offers fast and affordable repairs that can usually be completed right in our stores. We’ve found that these competitive advantages have kept our franchises in high demand, and we don’t see that demand shrinking away anytime soon. 

Leveraging Multiple Smartphone Industry Trends

Cell phone repair industry trends aren’t the only trends that impact Experimax. Our franchisees also sell refurbished pre-owned devices, which are in increasingly high demand. It’s estimated the market for used smartphones will grow to $67 billion by 2023. As people increasingly see smartphones as necessities rather than luxuries, it’s fundamental that this valuable technology is accessible. Many Experimax customers love that they can trust our franchises to provide them with high-quality devices for a great price. Of course, our franchises also take trade-ins on older smartphones, which is a great way to attract new customers to their local Experimax. 

Because our franchisees offer multiple lines of service, they’re able to leverage many industry trends rather than relying solely on repairs. This model is just one of the reasons we’ve been steadily growing for nearly 12 years. 

An Expert Team Behind You

Experimax franchisees don’t need to be experts in the cell phone repair industry because they can count on our team’s support. We invest time and resources into research and development so that franchisees can focus on the day-to-day of running their businesses, as we fine-tune their offerings to keep them in line with changing industry trends.

There’s never been a better time to break into the cell phone repair industry with Experimax. Contact us today to see what it takes to get started!