If you’re considering starting a computer repair business, chances are you’ve noticed there are a number of franchises in this space. You might be wondering why you should choose a franchise and buy into someone else’s system; when you could simply start your own business from scratch. We understand the allure of building your own business, but take it from us: franchising is a far better bet. 

Here, learn about some of the reasons we recommend starting a computer repair business franchise rather than going it alone.

1. A Well-Established Brand Name

It takes time to build up a solid reputation for a new business. Partnering with a franchisor that’s already well-established is a great way to expedite that process. Experimax has locations across the U.S., and since 2009 we’ve helped countless customers repair, trade-in, and upgrade their devices. The power of that strong reputation benefits our franchisees from the moment they open their doors. 

2. A Time-Tested Business Model 

It can also take time to develop efficient operational systems. Independent repair business owners need to figure out the most cost-effective way to secure parts, provide repairs, manage labor hours, develop marketing initiatives, and much more. Taking too long to figure things out can cost a lot of wasted time and money.

When you start a computer repair business franchise with Experimax, you can look forward to leveraging our time-tested systems from day one. That means no guesswork and no reinventing the wheel. 

3. A Support System Behind You

We don’t deny starting any new business can be challenging, even when that business is a franchise. There will be obstacles to overcome and moments when you need to make demanding choices. The difference between Experimax franchisees and independent operators is that franchisees have a team of experts behind them. We’ve been helping to start computer repair franchises for over 10 years, so we have a good understanding of what it takes to succeed. When you run into problems or need advice, you can always turn to our team to provide you with support

Independent owners, on the other hand, only have themselves to rely on. It’s true that in some cases, they can turn to business consultants, but their services are expensive. What’s more, business consultants don’t have a vested interest in your success – our team does. 

4. A Streamlined Process to Start Your Computer Repair Franchise

Starting up a new business can be complicated, and lots of steps are involved. Finding the right location, securing inventory, launching a marketing campaign  — these are just a few examples of tasks that need to be taken care of. Experimax has streamlined the process so our franchisees can get into business faster and with far less hassle. 

These are just a few of the reasons to choose a trusted franchisor like Experimax rather than start a repair business on your own. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our franchise model