Of all of the brands holding sway over the way the modern world does business, the Apple® brand is the unquestionable king.

Take a quick mental inventory of the people in your closest inner circle. How many of them have some combination of the following: iPhone® mobile device, iPad® tablet, MacBook® computer or AppleTV®? Chances are, you’re surrounded by Apple® products.

Brand loyalty is important to consumers, particularly in the tech sector. If you’re going to spend significant amounts of money on devices that you rely on to wake you up in the morning, run your work day from start to finish, communicate with your family and provide access to the world, you’re invested in more than just a hunk of plastic and wires. Your cell phone, tablet and computer are devices you really can’t afford to be without, and that relationship inspires a whole new level of commitment to the product line.

Apple® Product Repair in an Upward Trend

You’ve probably already noticed the booming repair market for Apple® products. At the close of 2014, Americans had spent almost $24 billion on smartphone repair.* More than 25 percent of iPhone owners have cracked their screens at some point*, and what used to be the death knell for an expensive, top-of-the-line device is now somewhat of a routine repair.

Opening an Experimac® franchise means offering the holders of those broken screens a reliable, local spot for the repairs you already know they need. Repairs can usually be completed while your customers wait, and include replacing buttons and power jacks, upgrades to memory or operating systems, and replacing hard drives and batteries.

Trade-Ins and Trade-Ups

Experimac isn’t just a repair shop. Mac® computers hold their value at a considerably more impressive rate than comparable devices, and even broken MacBooks® sell for hundreds of dollars online.

Because Apple products come with a higher price tag than comparable items from other manufacturers, the consumer base is restricted to buyers with more money to spend. If you want to buy an Apple product at a lower price point, the only option is to go used. That’s why Apple products sell at approximately six times the rate of competing products.

Most used Apple products are sold online through auction websites or via personal classified advertisements. The need for brokerage is real. Consumers want the products, but they also want the security and reliability that come with a retail operation.

Customers want to bring their Apple products in to trade-up without the hassles of web-based sales, and you’ll re-sell many of those same products to customers looking to break into the Apple market with gently used laptops, tablets and phones.

Tap Into a Hot Market

Apple®, Inc. is a retail superstar. With a proven record, devoted consumer base, and exclusive technologies, Apple products own a market sector that smart entrepreneurs are eyeing closely. If you’re ready to take your future to the next level by opening an Experimac franchise, visit our website to download our free franchise brochure, or call us at 1-888-251-7693.



Simplifying the Franchise Process