Investing in an Experimac franchise comes with a variety of unique benefits; chief among them is the franchise support that we give all our franchisees starting on day one. From the moment you sign your franchise agreement and throughout the life of your business, the entire Experimac franchise family is in your corner to help you succeed. Keep reading to learn 4 of the biggest ways we support our franchisees.

#1 — A Turnkey Business

When you invest in an Experimac franchise, you are investing in a turnkey business that has been proven with locations all over the country. When you open an Experimac franchise, you are making an investment in a built-in network, suite of products and services, policies, procedures, technologies, and more.  You don’t have to spend your time vetting vendors or writing operations manuals by yourself because we already have done it for you.

Additionally, our business model is unique, because our franchisees actually are running two businesses in one. First, you will be a retailer for pre-owned products, some of the most popular technology on the market. Second, you will repair and upgrade smartphones, tablets, and more for your customers. Not only are you a one-stop shop for your customers, but you also are working with two revenue streams to help your business succeed.

#2 — Training for Business Ownership

We aren’t going to pretend like owning a business isn’t a lot of work and doesn’t require preparation. That’s why we give our franchisees comprehensive training to prepare them to open and run their businesses. This part of franchise support is critical to giving you the confidence you need to thrive in your new role as business owner.

Your training starts with two weeks at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here, you will have two weeks of in-class education where you will learn our policies and procedures, everything you need to know about our brand, and some useful tips for running your own business. This is one of the most extensive training programs in the industry because we want our franchisees to succeed; your success is our success!

After your class training, one of our expert trainers will come help you for the first few weeks that your store is open. This personal, one-on-one training is critical to getting your business up and running; you will get to practice your technical, marketing, and sales skills with the help of one of our pros so you are fully prepared to run things on your own.

#3 Location Is Key

Before you can open your store, you have to choose a prime location. Where you place your business is crucial–a good location can improve traffic, boost sales, and otherwise improve your bottom line. One of the key ways we offer franchise support is by helping all our new franchisees find the perfect location. But it doesn’t stop there! Once you have found the right location, we help you negotiate a lease and find the right contractor to build out your store to meet our high brand standards.

#4 Ongoing Franchise Support

Even after your store is open and you are doing the day to day tasks of running a business, we don’t stop supporting you. Our franchisees have access to a wide variety of resources; there are so many, in fact, that we could never list them all. Here is a short list of some of the ways we offer franchise support to all of our owners:

  • Marketing guidance
  • Website and social media setup
  • Discounts on mass purchasing
  • Relationships with vetted vendors
  • Continued online training
  • Company intranet
  • Network of franchisees and corporate staff

Become a franchisee with Experimac, and we will help you on the road to becoming a successful business owner.

Get in touch with us to request more information, and one of our representatives will be in touch with you soon!