We are understanding that investing your hard-earned capital into any industry can be a stress-inducing period. We can’t blame investors for their diligence when deciding– you’ll want all the information about a company you can get before you commit to an investment. Experimax is here to let potential franchisees know that an investment in a computer franchise is easier than you thought. We’d like to turn that anxiety into excitement by outlining just how simple this process is.

Investing In A Company That Helps You

A computer franchise may not seem like a simple industry to thoroughly understand for most investors, but Experimax will not leave you feeling un-educated during any stage of your investment. Experimax has been offering help to customers since 2012, so we know a thing or two about support. The training and support we provide will alleviate any overwhelmed mentality about your investing process. This includes support in constructing your location, information from thorough research of technological advances, and marketing guidance from our team of experts. What is unique about our franchising model is that we give on-going support, so you never feel left in the dark through the most vital times of your franchise’s growing efforts. 

Turn-Key Investment Model

Many of our potential investors look at the term ‘turn-key’ and immediately have questions about what that implies concerning their investment. Think about it in the sense of using a key to get into your house– our investment is as straight-forward as whipping that key out of your pocket and gaining access to what you need for a successful business model. There are two parts to this investment that are crucial to setting you up for a comfortable expenditure. First, you will be responsible for meeting the financial requirement of our franchise fee. This includes the rights to using the Eperimax brand name and having access to the abundant resources we provide you throughout the life-span of your business. The larger chunk of your investment will be contributing a sum of $50,000 in liquid capital. We require this in the investment so you will have financial wiggle-room for any potential unexpected expenditures you may notice when owning your computer franchise. With both of these simplified investments, we want to make sure you have everything you’ll need to be financially prosperous when running your business. 

A Big Company With A Larger Reputation

This part of our review pertains to everything you can gain from paying that franchise fee we mentioned in your investment process. Marketing a lesser known brand name can be difficult for business owners new to our industry. By siding with a recognizable name in the electronic repair industry, you already have a head start marketing your business. Experimax gives you access to the technical and marketing knowledge we have been regularly updating throughout the duration of our companies growth. We will update you on any changes we have seen in the tech market and teach you everything you need to know. Our current investors crave this information– they know that our expertise is beneficial for their growth and in-turn it will help us get better as a computer repair franchise.  

Easy enough, wouldn’t you agree? If this opportunity sounds like something that interests you, contact us today and we can see how a computer franchise with Experimax experience can benefit you!