United Franchise Group (UFG) is a growing family consisting of nine subsidiary franchise brands, each with unique services that work well in their respective industry.  If you’ve ever wondered what makes running a cell phone repair business with Experimax easier than doing so alone, it’s UFG. Here, we will touch on the long history UFG has in franchising, how we support all of our owners, and what we give back to our franchisees. 

Decades for Franchise Experience 

The UFG conglomerate began back in 1987 with a single Signarama location in Farmingdale, New York. Ray Titus, our Founder, and CEO, started as an entrepreneur with a dream to bring professional signage solutions to his small town on Long Island. He grew our sister company to a global brand by opening up his company for franchise investment. 

Fast forward over two decades later, and now UFG has helped over 1,400 entrepreneurs achieve that same dream of owning an established company with time-tested infrastructure. Now, UFG hosts brands across a multitude of industries, all extending a unique opportunity for franchisees. All of that time has taught our team the value of franchising, and how it beats starting a business alone. When you open an Experimax franchise, you directly benefit from those years of hard work through our unwavering means of support.

Supporting Our Experimax Franchise Owners, No Matter What  

The future is filled with uncertainties, but as an Experimax franchise owner, you can count on the fact that our team will be there for you during every stage of your business ownership journey. Support is more than waiting until you have an issue and reacting — we are there for you from the very start. Our franchise development team will help you find the best location based on our years of experience growing our brand and extensive demographic studies. We will also help you prepare for your grand opening with store build-out and set up assistance. And to bring in excited customers, our team will provide marketing and advertising guidance by using optimized strategies that get your name in front of the best buyers. Those are just a few of the ways we make running a cell phone repair business easier; here are a few more.

  • Third-party financing options  
  • Established vendor relationships
  • Continuous online training programs
  • Research and service development
  • Regular location check-ins
  • Regional meetings and Experimax franchisee group calls

Our Family Roots 

We often think of our work and life schedule as two separate entities; however, they frequently intertwine. Ray Titus started UFG with the idea that there is only one you, and you only have one calendar. If you have found yourself in a corporate position, you probably know how easy it is to lose track of your personal life.  The franchise experience is much different — franchisees are more empowered to take charge of their careers and enjoy a far more independent schedule. At Experimax, we prepare you for the road ahead so you don’t have to worry about sleepless nights contemplating what you could be doing better. When you start an Experimax franchise, we fill in the gaps for you. 

Do you want to learn more about running a cell phone repair business with Experimax? We can help you out! Contact us today for more information.