Starting a computer repair business with Experimax is the perfect example of entering a thriving industry that really sets you up for success. Every day, more and more smartphones are being sold and, eventually, need repair. Nearly 50 percent of smartphone owners worldwide know what it’s like to have a cracked screen, and while that’s unfortunate news for phone owners, it’s great news for those interested in the smartphone repair business.

Why Wouldn’t People Get Their iPhones Repaired by the Brand?

This is one of the leading questions people have when first considering smartphone repair opportunities. The fact is that even for device owners who have warranties, and who are even prompted by repair shop owners to check in with the parent brand, they want the immediacy only repair companies can provide. They don’t want to wait in the long lines of popular brand stores, nor do they want to have to mail into the company for their processed repair service or receive a refurbished phone replacement.

Typically, repair stores with a full technician staff are able to fix phones well within an hour, often in as little as 10 or 15 minutes — a notable difference in service.

It’s Easy to Replicate Anywhere in the Country

The great thing about starting a computer repair business is that a smart franchisee can bring this service to most any region in the country and be successful. Our industry does not require our franchisees to conduct significant research, or be technology experts. The resources provided by our corporate offices will equip you with the tools and experience you need, including full training and support materials, so you’ll feel like a tech guru in no time. Our infrastructure is truly one-size-fits-all, and it’s designed to make starting a computer repair business as smooth as possible.

Get in with a Growing Industry

This is a $1.4 billion industry that’s still in its infancy. There are always more phone and computer consumers needing repairs, especially as tech evolves and becomes more complex, and that tech industry isn’t slowing down. The technology repair industry is perfect for motivated entrepreneurs looking for a safe, booming industry.

To ensure that you and your family can feel completely confident in your franchise, we’ve perfected our business model so franchisees can easily adapt to it, and benefit from a head start in the industry. To start your exciting new career with a computer repair business, contact us today.