It’s a great time to invest in a computer repair franchise. The industry can expect to see strong growth through 2026, which isn’t surprising when you consider how many people rely on their computers for their livelihoods. As a result, businesses like Experimax have experienced increased growth, and you may be considering how you can leverage this industry trend. Experimax receives many inquiries from people who are interested in investing but worry that their lack of experience in tech could be a barrier.

That’s not the case when you choose Experimax! We’ve developed a turnkey model that’s simple to implement, even if you’ve never opened up a smartphone or laptop. Learn how we make it possible to invest in a computer repair franchise without any experience necessary.

Our Turnkey Model

Turnkey businesses are so simple to open; all you need to do is turn the key to the front door. Experimax franchisees are required to undergo a few additional tasks, like determining a suitable location and hiring staff, and we have step by step procedures in place to support them.

As a result, they’re able to open businesses based on a proven model without needing to reinvent the wheel. Before they open their doors, franchisees can count on us to support them via:

  • Comprehensive training on our processes and systems
  • Location scouting assistance
  • Marketing assistance
  • Stocking their store with inventory

When you invest in a computer repair franchise with Experimax, you’re investing in a lasting partnership that you can count on for the life of your business.

Building a Role Based on Your Skills

Some of our franchisees love to be hands-on in every aspect of their business, including repairing devices. However, that’s not a requirement. You could opt to act as a store manager, overseeing operations and staff. Or, you could entrust those responsibilities to a trusted staff! With franchisees who choose to invest in multiple Experimax locations, they have the flexibility to divide their attention between the locations as-needed.

Whether or not you’re interested in repairing devices for yourself, we want you to have the flexibility to create a career that you find engaging and fun. When you contact us, let us know more about your interests, and we can give you an idea of what you should expect when you invest. 

As noted, expertise in computer repair is not a necessity to invest in a computer repair franchise. Contact Experimax today to learn more about the ways we support our franchisees.