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Not Your Average Cell Phone Repair Franchise

The end of a cell phone’s life cycle – or its sudden, tragic demise – is always one of the most frustrating consumer experiences.

As their cell phone begins to die, its lack of battery life, constant lagging, random shutdowns, and potentially cracked or damaged screens make it nearly impossible to use. But they hold off on going to the cell phone repair franchise of their choice – like the phone company they bought it from or the tech company that manufactures the phones – or one of the sketchy kiosks in the mall because they’ve been there, done that before, and understand how big of a waste of time it can be.

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The Top Cell Phone Franchise

Beyond the sardine-like packed atmosphere, there’s a long waiting list just for customers to ask a simple question. What does their warranty cover? When is their contract up? Can’t they just buy a new version of the exact same phone that they’ve grown so accustomed to and love?

There’s no such thing as an easy answer when a customer heads down to their local retailer. In fact, often they don’t even get an answer, let alone an easy one; instead, clients are bombarded with sales pitches and did-you-knows, all trying to convince them to buy the latest and greatest version of a cell phone that will be outdated in six months anyway.

It’s a frustratingly complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. With Experimax, it isn’t. Our goal is to change the way people look at cell phone repair franchises.

A Different Cell Phone Repair Franchise

At Experimax, we’re a one-of-a-kind concept. We’re not here to simply make a deal. Instead, our goal always is to help the customer to the best of our ability, and advise them on what we believe is the best decision for their device woes.

We’re not the cell phone repair franchise that’s going to charge outrageous prices and fees for simple fixes. We are the cell phone repair franchise that will provide outrageously good value, however.

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A History of Successful Franchising

Our company started out of our founder’s garage. Jim Muir started as a man with a fascination of and passion for repairing electronics, and finely groomed his expertise by working hours and hours on restoration projects to the point where the products he serviced worked like new. It’s with those roots in mind that we’ve grown into the type of cell phone repair franchise that consumers know has the knowledge and ability they need to entrust their devices to. We demand excellence and expertise from our employees, who are rigorously trained and vetted to ensure we only offer the very best quality of service.

Of course, there are limitations on what a cell phone repair franchise can do, and we recognize that. That’s why there are facets to our business beyond simply repairing broken phones. We’ve built a sustainable business model, backed by the power of United Franchise Group, that provides much more than your run-of-the-mill cell phone repair franchise could.

More Than a Cell Phone Repair Franchise

In addition to our cell phone repair duties, we also specialize in offering quality pre-owned products and accessories from the manufacturers and companies consumers love! Additionally, we offer trade-ins and upgrades, buy used devices, sell used and refurbished devices, and provide software and system updates.

By doing so, Experimax is able to capitalize on several different revenue streams. In essence, we aren’t just a cell phone repair franchise, but rather have positioned ourselves as the one-stop-shop for buying, selling, upgrading, repairing, and refurbishing name-brand electronics.

With the power of the high-end brands we support, plus the quality and dedication we provide each and every customer, Experimax is rapidly expanding as a major player in the electronics repair franchise industry.

And because our work is done in-house, customers don’t have to worry about their devices being shipped off to who knows where and waiting, sometimes for weeks, for it to come back, hoping each and every day that there actually is a solution. Often, we can do the repair work while they wait in the store, and they instantly get to see first hand the excellent condition their product is in the moment it is returned.

Ultimately, our wide array of service offerings are an innovation in technology sales and services, and it gives us a leg up on just about everyone in the industry. From the mom-and-pop repair shops (who we can certainly relate to, given our roots) to the industry giants, we have an edge in quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

We’re not just your local cell phone repair franchise. We’re your technology sales and services home.

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An Eco-Friendly Business

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