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Not Your Average Computer Repair Franchise

A Successful Franchise Business Model

We’ve all been there: you’re in the middle of working on your computer – writing a paper, filing a report, online shopping, binge-watching your favorite shows – when suddenly everything goes black. The lights are off, there’s no noise coming from the machine, and there are no further signs of life. Your computer is dead, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But beyond that inconvenience, you now have to trek out to the local computer repair franchise and deal with their dreaded customer service.

repairing a computer component

A Franchise That Fosters Repeat Business

When you get there, you’re stuck with a few unfavorable options. You can drop a couple hundred dollars – oftentimes even well over a thousand dollars – for a brand new computer, or you can shell out a pretty penny to get the problem looked at and, eventually, even more to get it repaired.

And that warranty you had? Forget about it. There’s some hidden clause or detail that means whatever this problem is, it’s probably not covered and you’ll likely have to pay through the nose for something you thought you’d already paid to insure. Such is the life of owning electronics.

Open a Local Repair Business

Of course, there’s the dreaded offer to pay for a service team to try to fix the device you’ve become so attached to – and likely need for your daily activities – and then buying a new one if it doesn’t work out. It’s the ole’ give ‘em your best shot approach, with the assurance of a sale as the fall back option. And when your device is miraculously fixable, there will be the ominous dark cloud of warning, telling you to heed the signs of a failing device. It might be fine now, but you’d be better off buying a new computer and saving yourself the trouble for the next time it dies.

Here’s the thing: that local computer repair franchise is a business, and it’s a dog-eat-dog world for their employees. They probably aren’t going to fix the device for you themselves, and they’ll have to ship it out and cost the company money to do the work somewhere else.

opening a laptop to see its internals
repairing laptop internals

A Profitable Business Model in Computer Repair Franchises

But in the store, their job is to convince you to spend as much money as possible in whatever way they can. All they can really do is sell you a new device and charge you for services you won’t immediately receive. They’re limited by the rules of their overlords, if you will, and really are less of a computer repair franchise and more focused on selling new computers and expensive warranties to go with them. There is no diversification.

It’s this type of atmosphere that gives the computer repair franchise a bad name. There’s a stigma attached to taking our devices anywhere but the big-name stores or the manufacturers themselves, but with doing so comes the endless frustration of a system that only works in their favor.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and with Experimax, it’s not. Our goal is to change the way people look at computer repair franchises.

The Computer Repair Franchise of the Future

At Experimax, we’re a one-of-a-kind concept. We aren’t just trying to get the best deal and boost our bottom line and undercut our customers in the process. Instead, our focus is on the customer first so that we can aid and advise them to the very best of our abilities when they bring their devices to our door.

Of course, we aren’t just a computer repair franchise either; rather, we’re experts in the technology repair and sales industry.

a branch of Experimax

Our company started out of our founder’s garage. Jim Muir started as a man with a fascination of and passion for repairing electronics, and finely groomed his expertise by working hours and hours on restoration projects to the point where the products he serviced worked like new. It’s with those roots in mind that we’ve grown into the type of computer repair franchise that consumers know has the knowledge and ability they need to entrust their devices to. We demand excellence and expertise from our employees, who are rigorously trained and vetted to ensure we only offer the very best quality of service.

Beyond a Computer Repair Franchise

In addition to our duties as a computer repair franchise, we also specialize in offering quality pre-owned products and accessories from the manufacturers and companies consumers love! Additionally, we offer trade-ins and upgrades, buy used devices, sell used and refurbished devices, and provide software and system updates.

By doing so, Experimax is able to capitalize on several different revenue streams. In essence, we aren’t just a computer repair franchise, but rather have positioned ourselves as the one-stop-shop for buying, selling, upgrading, repairing, and refurbishing name-brand electronics.

With the power of the high-end brands we support, plus the quality and dedication we provide each and every customer, Experimax is rapidly expanding as a major player in the electronics repair franchise industry.

We’re not just your local computer repair franchise. We’re your technology sales and services home.

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