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So you’ve done your research on cell phone franchise opportunities and have decided that you’re ready to invest in this exciting industry. You’ve made the smart choice to invest in a computer and cell phone repair franchise opportunity as opposed to opening a business from scratch. You’re ready to hit the ground running with an Experimax franchise because of the unparalleled service we offer franchisees and customers alike. You’re excited to get training and support from the franchise experts at the reputable United Franchise Group.

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Are We A Good Fit As Your Franchise Partner?

Congratulations on getting this far in your journey! Now, what comes next? As with any major business move, opening a new Experimax franchise requires a few steps before you can open your doors to customers. There’s the qualification check, as we want to partner with people who share our passion and vision of being innovative leaders in the tech sales and service market.You’ll also want to take the time to carefully review our franchise disclosure document. You may also need to secure financing for this business venture.

Expert Franchise Support From Start to Finish

Of course, once these tasks are out of the way, you can look forward to getting started – we’ve broken the process down into a series of simple steps. We’re there to help our franchisees from start to finish, helping them to navigate the process of opening their new business with confidence. United Franchise Group has experience opening hundreds of new franchises, and our expertise will be a major asset to you as you get your Experimax up and running.

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We’ve taken the guesswork out of starting your Experimax franchise journey. Our team has come up with step-by-step instructions on what you’ll need to do to be part of one of the fastest-growing sales and service franchises in the tech industry today:

Step 1:

Pre-Req Check

We receive many inquiries about Experimax franchise ownership. To make sure our potential franchisees are capable of making the investment, we ask for a few financial requirements. We’ll likely ask about such prerequisites when you get in touch with us.

Before you move on to the next step, take a look at our computer and cell phone sales and repair franchise costs. Like what you see? It’s time to reach out to us.


Step 2:

Get More Information

Once you pass our pre-req check, you’ll receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document includes answers to critical questions you may have. Make sure to read and review the FDD. This contains crucial information and serves as an insider guide to what it’s like to be an Experimax franchisee.


Step 3:

Meet Us for Discovery Day

We invite you to our headquarters to meet everyone at corporate, face-to-face. You can also have a quick chat with some of our current franchisees visiting the office. A day at our headquarters is an opportunity for you to dive deep into our company culture, vision, and more.

Plus we want to get to know you better. Let’s talk about why you want to be a franchise owner. Feel free to share your experiences and the skills that make you a great candidate. Give us your best pitch! We’re excited to find out whether you’re our newest franchisee.

Discovery Day is a good chance to talk more about the opportunity we offer. Expect us to give you further information about what you need to know during this step, including what we’re going to require from you between now and opening your doors (if approved).

We go over the financial prerequisites with you. Count on us to discuss why we have these requirements, where your investment dollars will go, when you need to settle your payments, and which financing options are available to you.

After Discovery Day, we will meet again. We’ll discuss your next move and whether you will continue with the Experimax franchising process. If so, we will go over the terms of deposit with you and offer you the Franchise Agreement.


Step 4:

Review the Franchise Agreement

Congratulations! You’re now only two steps away from franchise ownership. Review the Franchise Agreement, as it lays out all the terms, pricing, and other crucial aspects of our mutual agreement as a franchisee and franchisor.

The franchise contract tells you about the franchise fee, royalties, training and support, protection of territory, and more. Go over each clause carefully. Feel free to ask us if you have questions and concerns. We are also willing to connect you with other franchisees. You have the opportunity to speak with as many of them as possible and get a better look at what it’s like to have your own Experimax store.


Step 5:

Secure Financing

Ready to sign the Franchise Agreement? There’s one last thing you have to do: secure financing. Even if you’re financially qualified, you may still need additional funds to start your own Experimax store. Fortunately, it’s typically easier to get financing for a franchise than it is for a new business of your own.

We have the experience and network to point you to the right financing option. Let us help boost your finances, so you’re more than ready to sign the agreement and officially start your Experimax franchise journey.


Step 6:

Get Started

At this point, you’re dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, signing the Franchise Agreement, and planning to begin your franchisee training. Congratulations and welcome to the family!

To get started on this journey, contact us today to speak with a representative!


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