5 Facts About the Technology Industry

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5 Facts You Need to Know About the Rising Technology Industry

A Successful Market Business Model

The technology industry is constantly evolving as technology continues to advance. In terms of smartphones and computers, the industry has opened up a new opportunity: mobile repair franchises. Learn more about the rising technology industry and why now is the time to invest in it with a mobile repair franchise.

repairing a computer component

Many People Own a Smartphone

….And Just As Many Break Them

According to Business Insider, 72% of all U.S. citizens owned a smartphone in 2016. These numbers fluctuate from country to country, but most European, American, and some Asian countries have high percentages of smartphone users. They have become a driving force in the rise of the technology industry by producing millions of customers and billions of dollars.

More People Are Relying on Computers

Everything is becoming more digital. People are relying on their computers now more than ever, and this has also contributed to the rising industry. Computers are becoming faster, more efficient, and perhaps most importantly, cheaper. People are getting the most out of their laptops and computers, which has also helped the rise of mobile and computer repair franchises as well.

opening a laptop to see its internals
repairing laptop internals

The More People That Own Computers, the More Computers That Need Repairs

The technology industry has enabled franchises like Experimac to grow because as more and more people buy computers, the more computers are going to need repairs. Customers know that they can trust Experimac to do the job right and efficiently.

Pre-used and Refurbished Products Are Becoming More Popular

The technology industry grows based off used products as well. Those who cannot afford new technologies turn to Experimac franchises to get certified smartphones and laptops that are assured to work as if they are brand new. Experimac also specializes in brand electronic repairs, which means the franchisees are qualified to repair and resell iPhones®, iPads® and MacBooks®.

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Franchise Opportunities Are On The Rise

In order for the technology industry to continue growing and expanding, mobile repair franchises and computer repair franchises also need to grow. Now may be the best time to invest in an opportunity like Experimac because more people have personal technology than ever, which means there are more potential customers now more than ever. Investing in a mobile repair franchise may be the best decision of the year.

Experimac offers the tools and training you will need to operate in the rising technology industry, and endless support to help franchisees along the way. If you are interested in learning more about the technology industry, Experimac, or franchising, request more information from us today!

More Than Just An Electronics Repair Franchise

In addition to our duties as a computer repair franchise, we also specialize in offering quality pre-owned products and accessories from the manufacturers and companies consumers love! Additionally, we offer trade-ins and upgrades, buy used devices, sell used and refurbished devices, and provide software and system updates.

By doing so, Experimax is able to capitalize on several different revenue streams. In essence, we aren’t just a computer repair franchise, but rather have positioned ourselves as the one-stop-shop for buying, selling, upgrading, repairing, and refurbishing name-brand electronics.

With the power of the high-end brands we support, plus the quality and dedication we provide each and every customer, Experimax is rapidly expanding as a major player in the electronics repair franchise industry.

We’re not just your local computer repair franchise. We’re your technology sales and services home.

For more information on franchising with Experimax, download a copy of our FREE franchise brochure in the side column and set up an appointment with a representative today.

An Eco-Friendly Business

Starting a cell phone repair franchise is less expensive than you’d think with Experimax.