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There are lots of great reasons to invest in the retail technology sector today. The used smartphone market alone is projected to grow to $67 billion by 2023. Experimax is in a great position to capture this, and other market trends, because our franchise specializes in:

  • Selling refurbished cell phones and computers
  • Repairs
  • Trade-ins

If you’re a career investor, there’s no need to drop your other holdings so you can operate your Experimax franchise on your own. On the contrary – we welcome our investors to delegate daily operations to a trusted staff so that they can focus on the bigger picture of growing their business. Whether you’re an investor looking for an operator, or a potential operator looking to connect with an investor, Experimax is the franchise brand for you.

We Know the Retail Cellular Market

One of the reasons it’s so simple to work with Experimax as an investor and an operator is that we’ve already developed a winning business model. Our franchisees don’t need to reinvent the wheel – we work with them throughout the processes of opening and operating their new business. We already have processes in place for just about everything, including:

  • Choosing the right franchise concept for your area
  • Finding the perfect location
  • Providing services (e.g. refurbishing laptops and other devices)
  • Managing bookkeeping
  • Marketing

… and much more. Experimax provides comprehensive training to franchisees and their staff to get them up-to-speed on what it takes to run their new business.

Franchisee vs. Operator Tasks

While many franchisees do elect to run their business themselves, they’re free to delegate many tasks to their trusted operators. Here’s an example of how many of our investors opt to split up responsibilities.

Franchisee Responsibilities Tasks

  • Working with the Experimax team on big-picture decisions (e.g. choosing a location)
  • Staying on top of royalty payments
  • Managing marketing initiatives
  • Setting goals for growth and making plans to achieve them

Operator Responsibilities

  • Managing staffing
  • Day-to-day bookkeeping (e.g. opening and closing procedures)
  • Selling and curating upcycled technology
  • Working with vendors
  • Providing and overseeing services
  • Implementing strategies developed by Experimax and the franchisee

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Experimax is experiencing unprecedented growth, and we’re currently opening more franchise locations than ever across the country. With multiple franchise concepts to choose from (including kiosks and standalone stores), there’s never been a better time to partner with our team. Don’t get beaten to the punch by another investor – stake a claim in your area today! Contact us to get started.


An Eco-Friendly Business

Starting a cell phone repair franchise is less expensive than you’d think with Experimax.