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The Benefits of Choosing Our Franchise Business Opportunity

Experimax has an exciting business opportunity for anyone who wants to break into the smartphone repair/sales industry. We operate at the cross-section of numerous market segments, and our franchisees leverage multiple revenue streams: Trading in used devices, repairing damaged devices, and selling refurbished pre-owned devices.

You already know that Experimax is a franchise, which means we’re offering a proven system that investors can simply buy into. There are lots of great benefits to choosing a franchise system like ours, and here, we’ll break down a few of the best perks.

No Experience Needed – Our Business Investment Comes with a Plan

The $4 billion smartphone repair industry is steadily growing, and many investors would love to break into it but worry that their lack of experience would be a barrier to getting started.

One of the best things about the Experimax business investment is that you don’t need a background in repairing smartphones or running your own store. We’ve built a bottom-up plan and have systems in place for everything from managing inventory, to customer service, to marketing, to growth strategies. All our franchisees need to do is dedicate themselves to mastering our processes!

We provide them with comprehensive training and ongoing support, so they’re never alone while establishing and growing their new business. While independent owners have no one to turn to for help, our franchisees never need to look far for resources and expert guidance.

A Trusted Brand

Another great benefit to choosing Experimax is that we’ve already built up a solid reputation for excellence. There are already 100+ Experimax locations open or in development around the world, and we’ve sold and repaired countless phones. That strong reputation is a benefit to our franchisees from the moment they open their doors. It takes years for independent owners to make a name for themselves in their communities, but franchising allows you to effectively accelerate the process of establishing a loyal customer base.

Opportunities to Grow Your Business Portfolio

While no one can predict the success or failure of any new business, Experimax has built opportunities for growth into our plan. Our team will work with you to set goals for your franchise, and will help you take steps towards achieving those goals. Furthermore, multi-unit management is a great way to potentially increase your earnings dramatically.

We offer multi-unit opportunities to franchisees who are interested in running more than one location. With the high demand for our services, and the great discounts involved, this is a great option to take advantage of now, or down the road.

These are just a few reasons that the Experimax franchise business investment beats going it alone every time. Contact us today to learn what it takes to become a franchisee!


An Eco-Friendly Business

Starting a cell phone repair franchise is less expensive than you’d think with Experimax.